• Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai- 2021

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, 4-14 November 2021, No. 1 Wai Tan Yuan Shanghai, China 



As part of Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, Joseph Walsh Studio is proud to present Lumenoria Dining Table, 2021, (White Ash, White Bone Finish, Clear Cast Resin, L 3000 x W 1430 x H 740mm). The first Lumenoria Dining tables were exhibited in New York, 2014. The Lumenoria Dining Table combines poured resin over a freeform Enignum base. To Walsh, “As the liquid flows and responds to the wooden form beneath, it creates a sensuous, undulating organic surface.”


The dining table is accompanied by pieces from the Rinn series: the Enignum Rinn Shelf, 2021, (White Ash, White Bone Finish, H 2700 x W 2200 x D 510mm) & Enignum Rinn Chairs, 2021, (White Ash, White Bone Finish, D 730 x W 555 x H 800m) The pieces’ minimal, clean lines are based on designs Joseph Walsh initially developed for the permanent collection of the Grand Tsubaki Shrine, Japan (2017) and an exhibition at the Sogetsu Arts Centre, Japan (2018). 


’Rinn’ is a Gaelic word, which can be translated from the Irish language as a place, point or headland. To Walsh, “Rinn is a point and certain place along a journey, one of importance, which will have a lasting influence and be expressed in the future.” Walsh applied his understanding of ‘Rinn’ to the design process, creating curving laminated wood stretched between taut points. 

4 November - 14 November 2021

No. 1 Wai Tan Yuan Shanghai, China

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