• Magnus V, 2018


    • Magnus Modus, 2017

    • Magnus Celestii, 2014


Magnus is a drawing in air, an idea – an emotion expressed through form that is serene or complex, created to engage with the viewer in a physical and intuitive way.

The title Magnus, from the Latin for large or great, reflects the scale and presence of these sculptures which encircle the viewer and redefine the architecture of the spaces for which they are designed.

The series represents a challenge in innovation to transpose Joseph Walsh’s approach to material and form from the intimate scale of an object to hold in the hand to the monumental scale of an object to stand within. The grace and flow of the finished forms belies the complex process from sketch models to design development, prototyping and engineering through which they have been realised.

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    • Magnus Modus, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

    • Magnus Contutus, Mumbai, India

    • Magnus del Busolo, The Church of the family of the Conti da Lisca, Busolo, Verona, Italy

    • Magnus V, Making

    • Magnus V, Making

    • Magnus Contutus, Making

    • Magnus Modus, Installation

    • Magnus del Busolo, Studies