Making In /18

Second edition of ‘Making In’ continued the conversation on the culture of making

The 2nd edition of the annual seminar series Making In took place on the 15th of September 2018 at Joseph Walsh Studio, Cork, Ireland.

Making In continues a series of conversations, beginning in 2017, which focus on the overall culture of making in today’s digital age. Hosted by Joseph Walsh at his studio in County Cork, Ireland, this one-day seminar explores why the objects we create and live with are made in an era where designers, artists and makers have a myriad of possibilities in realising their work. It asks what informs one particular approach over another? Why are makers committed to traditional mastery or natural materials? What is the motivation and thinking that goes into the extraordinary commitments made to create work in a certain way? What is the impact of quality architecture? Ultimately, what is the importance and value of creativity as an expression of identity and place?

For Making In, Joseph Walsh has invited designers, artists and makers he admires from many different disciplines to discuss their work, their ideas, the philosophy behind this work and how they choose to realise it. These include Sudarshan Shetty whose work reflects on the nature of contemporary Indian society and the objects that define it; Takahiro Kaikado, a maker of hand-made tea caddies that have remained true to the original designs of Kaikado, established in 1875 shortly after Japan opened its doors to the rest of the world and Shuji Nakagawa whose studio, Nakagawa Mokkougei, represents the fine tradition of Kyoto wood crafting where time-honoured skills are passed on from father to son.

Other 2018 participants are the celebrated Irish stone sculptor Ken Thompson; Bill Haneman, maker of Union and Uilleann Pipes, Anike Tyrrell who established J. HILL’s Standard as a response to the loss of hand-making skills in the glass industry in the Waterford region, Giles Smith from Assemble, an award-winning London based multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art and internationally renowned ceramic artist Sara Flynn. The moderator for this year’s event is the internationally renowned curator, writer and historian Glenn Adamson while the opening address will be delivered by cultural historian and writer Claudia Kinmouth.

Sharing their knowledge and experience of materials and making and including themes such as tradition, trends, innovation and globalisation, Making In provides a unique opportunity to hear different perspectives and engage in conversation and debate around the culture of making.

15 September 2018

Joseph Walsh Studio, Ireland

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